MARKETING TIP #13: Optimize your Instagram Account with a Business Profile📊

A business profile features reporting capabilities for tracking your social media efforts. It also features an improved profile which allows customers to easily contact you directly from their IG accounts👌🏼

::: Analyze your posts and see how they are performing. Learn about your followers and improve your strategy📈

::: Display your company information directly in your profile (website, email, address and phone). A “contact” button will also be added to your profile👋🏼

{All of these new features will allow your customers and potential customers to easily get in touch with you!}👏🏼🤗

Set up your Business Profile in three easy steps:
1. Tap the settings wheel icon at the top right of your profile
2. Select “Switch to Business Profile”
3. Set up your IG Business Profile!
::: Connect to your Facebook business page
::: Add your phone number, email, or location so customers can reach you directly from the new contact button on your profile!

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