MARKETING TIP #5: Ensure clients see your posts 👀

Clients follow you for a reason, they want to stay in the know! However, with changes made to Facebook, Twitter and now Instagram algorithms clients may never see your posts!😵 Make sure this doesn’t happen to you and ensure that your clients see your posts by asking them to do the following:
1. Instagram: have clients “allow notifications” for your profile. Not a fan of receiving notifications for every post? Another option is to *Engage* more by asking your clients to like and comment (this will let Instagram know that they want to see your posts).

2. Facebook: ask clients to add your business page to a “favorites” list or a custom list. Likes and comments will help too.

3. Twitter: ask followers to add you to a list that they frequently check.

🆕There is an option available on both Facebook and Twitter to allow most recent posts/tweets to show in your newsfeed instead of showing top stories/tweets first!

— Overwhelmed with all of the changes? Send a message or comment below with your email address to learn about the LC Marketing Mentorship Program and how we can help with your marketing efforts!
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