17097461_1114395605337897_507865533415337622_o.jpgMarketing Tip #30: Improve Social Media Engagement 

It may seem weird to “like” your own post, however it is totally acceptable and encouraged in order to increase engagement!
Facebook and Instagram focus on engagement as a way to determine if they should show your post or not. Therefore, engagement (likes, shares, comments) are essential in order to improve your feed ranking.

:::Tips to improve post engagement:

1. Like your own post (it’s not vain, I promise!)

2. Comment on your post… (include link in the comment, hashtags, or ask a question to prompt more comments)

3. Share the post (Facebook)

Need assistance with social media engagement? Message me, I’m always happy to help!

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Marketing Tip #29: Create Authentic Content

Sometimes coming up with new content for social media can be a challenge! Here are a few tips to keep your content fresh and authentic:

– Consistency is key, some days you’ll feel like posting and it comes easy, other days may feel like a struggle. 
When you’re in a posting mood, draft a bunch of posts to use in the future.

– Don’t post just to post. Ensure you are providing value.

– Seasonal posts are a great way to fill in the blanks (ex. local happenings, holidays, trending topics).

– Always keep your target market in mind!

Happy posting!

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16112849_1074193599358098_9053668063665045154_o.jpgMarketing Tip #28: Cross-Market

Cross-marketing is the concept of partnering with a business that offers a product or service that compliments what you offer.

—How to cross-market:
• Make a list of local businesses that share your target market
• Develop an action plan
• Create an intro letter and follow-up process
• Set up a meeting to discuss working together
• Set up a social media and email trade plan
• Turn their clients into yours and vice versa!
• Build community involvement and work together!

:::Cross marketing is my favorite type of marketing! It’s fun getting to know local
business owners that have a similar drive and passion. It’s really a win-win for everyone!

—Need help implementing a cross-marketing plan? Drop me a note, I’d love to


16002782_1067945363316255_4447928070619765579_n.jpgMarketing Tip #27: Engage

Engagement is crucial in order to improve your Instagram marketing results and improve your feed ranking.

::: Key Tips :::
• The number of followers or likes is not everything!
• IG looks at the number of followers and the % of those followers that actually engage with you by commenting on your posts!
• “Like” comments and also REPLY to them, this will help keep the conversation going.

::: Start engaging more and watch your Instagram strategy really take off!

||Need help with your Instagram strategy, improving results or connecting with engaged followers? Shoot me a message!

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15894953_1062424267201698_3121147164811210267_n.jpgMarketing Tip #26: Follow the “K.I.S.S.” Principle

What does KISS stand for? “Keep It Simple Stupid”.
This U.S. Navy design principle originates back to 1960 and holds so much truth to it from a marketing standpoint.

:::Here are my favorite “KISS” tips: 

• keep graphics clean and easy to read by using the same font (no more than 2 different font styles)
• whether it’s a social media post, email or website page, keep wording simple and to the point
• feeling wordy? Break things up with bullet points or dividers

—Need help? You know where to find me

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Marketing Tip #25: Create Effective Emails

•Match your email header with your website header for a seamless look
•Utilize the second subject line in your emails. (The first sentence shows up in the inbox, make sure it is conveying your overall message.)
•Include a call to action (try to limit your email to 1 call to action in order to avoid confusion)

:::Message me if you need help creating effective email campaigns!
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15741001_1052405804870211_8246042295154065040_n.jpgMarketing Tip #24: Check Off Your To Do List

As a small business owner you probably have a list of things that you know you need to do but just haven’t gotten around to it…like a social media strategy, increasing your follower base to drive sales, improving your marketing efforts, refreshing your website or improving your marketing plan to increase sales or retain existing clients
—What are you waiting for?! It’s time to start checking off that list!

Make a list of goals or “to do” items
Check off 1 item each week
Begin to see results with small changes

:::Let’s make 2017 your best year yet by checking off your growing to do list and improving your business!🍾

—Need help setting up a social media plan or marketing calendar for 2017?
Let me know, I’d be happy to help

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Marketing Tip #23.jpgMarketing Tip #23: Track Social Media ROI & Longterm ROI

– Measuring and tracking your social media efforts is crucial for determining what is and isn’t working with your social media strategy. A lot of time and money is spent on social media, so it’s important to make sure it is working to its full potential!

Measure ROI by:
•tracking goals (reach, site traffic, leads, revenue)
•tracking engagement (likes, shares, comments etc.)
•customer acquisition (website clicks)
•track brand awareness (growth rate, region, reach etc.)
•using analytics tools (google analytics, salesforce, hootsuite analytics)

::: While it is important to track ROI, it is also important to understand that social media is more than just the number of likes and shares, it is also a way to develop long term relationships with your customers and future customers. It is an excellent way to build their trust and loyalty. Long Term ROI is just as important as a 1-click sale.

•••Need help tracking your Social Media ROI or developing a Long Term ROI strategy?
Message or email me:

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:: Measure your website success by checking your website analytics at least once a month.

•See how people are finding your website
•Learn how people move through your site and where they are spending time
•Modify and adjust your website to ensure people stay on your site longer
•Ensure you have a clear call to action on your website

Need help setting up website analytics or modifying your site to increase results?
📧 Message me:

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It’s so important to say ‘thank you’ to your clients! There are many options out there for your customers, however they continue to choose you! Be sure to thank them for their continued business and support.

Show clients appreciation by offering:
– Client loyalty programs
– Client referral programs
– Client appreciation parties (parties are great anytime of year and especially around the holidays🍾)

— Need help setting up a loyalty or referral program? I’m happy to help, message me!

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